No Display In Philips LCD TV Repaired

philips lcd tv vertical line

philips lcd tv standby mode

This Philips LCD TV came in with the complaint of no display but the power LED light was green color and not red. If the power LED is green color then fault can be easy to diagnose. If the power LED is red color then possible the problem in power supply or the mainboard or even both. If the firmware is corrupted, the power LED also can be red color. Read More

No Power In LG TV Repaired

dry joint

lg crt tv repair

The complaint of this LG CRT TV was no power and as usual the first thing to do is to check on the main fuse. Before I could access to the main fuse, I found that the circuit board was full of dust thus I cleared all dust first by using a vacuum cleaner before checking on the main fuse.

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No Signal In Konka LED TV Repaired

KONKA led tv power supply and mainboard

konka lcd tv no signal

I received this Konka LED TV with the complaint of no signal symptom. The antenna jack was loosen once it was gently pushed by a screw driver (see the photo below) and this had caused the problem.

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How To Repair Stuck DVD Tray In Dell Laptop

how to fix and repair dvd tray stuck

Received dell laptop for repair for DVD not working problem. I have checked the DVD by pressing the eject button light blinks but tray does not come out. I have tried with the pin and by applying more pressure I am able to eject the tray. For more inspection I have decide to remove the DVD unit from the laptop.

dvd tray stuck repair

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