A simple fix to a complicated problem in CD player. Model: Aiwa NSX-R51

cd player fixing

As I was trying to pick up my son from school, an old man approached me and asked me if I repair CD players. As I answered his question, he told me that he sent this CD player to many technicians in town and no one accept it for repair simply because it was old and not worth it.

cd player repair

I promised him to take a look at it and see what I can do. When he brought it to my shop, I powered it up and hit the open/close button, the tray came out and without a chance to put a CD on the try, the try went in again. Read More

Retrace Line and Red Background in TV Repaired

red display in crt tv

On call from one of my friends about his TV which works intermittent. symptom he stated as audio is ok but sometimes all of sudden picture disappears and screen become red with some horizontal lines.

retrace line and red background in crt tv

It was Sunday so I have made plan to visit his home as he is staying in same building. Read More

A Dead Air condition board brought back to life

air cond board repair

An air condition technician brought this board to my shop for repair. He usually comes into my shop and start to explain the problem. He has a high tone of voice and the whole area could hear him talking about that board. Anyways, he is a good guy and he always brings tones of things to fix. Check out the board.

air condition board repair

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