Hi Jestine,  a friend has brought me a touch activated lamp to see if I can fix it. Could i send you pics of the circuit board with blown components and see what you think could be wrong. Regards R.B

fridge circuit board


Hi R.B,

Thanks for the photo. When the resistor is burnt this means the corresponding components also will have problem particularly the triac

You may also need to know the triac is use to drive what kind of component. If the component that connected to triac have problem, the triac may not be able to take it and go short circuit causing the resistor to burn.


In your case you have four choices:

1) compare with a good board to find out the component value
2) find out the exact schematic
3) ask if any of your repair friend that has this kind of board
4) trial on error- find the best value of resistor from the BT136 circuit in the below link:


This means if the majority of the bt136 circuit is using 100 Ohm then chances is high that particular resistor value is also 100 Ohm.

Hope this helps.




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