Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials Part 34

hello sir ,

mine smps getting off after every 10/15 minutes . what would might be the reason behind that . plz reply me on my email-id ,,

eagerly awaiting for your reply ,,

Hi Chan,

Dry joints, bad components, decayed glue problem and etc.



Hi Jestine,

I have been following your posts for two years now, and i appreciate
for the materials you bring they help me in my dairy repair work. I
was just an IT technician with no electronics knowledge but when i
started following your posts i saw a way wide open and began digging
deep into electronics books. I am glad now that am an IT-Electronics
technician working for a large company. Keep it up, for others out
there who inspire to become technicians one day. I will be glad to be
sending posts to you in the future to help others the way you helped

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Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials Part 33

Mr Jestine Yong

Well it is a great honour of being given a chance to be one of your students because you are really great not in the sense of a businessman but a great teacher. I have seen a lot of businessman and many more bosses around the Malaysia and even in Singapore but not like you alone. You have proven to be a honourable man because your education and teachings brings up my  carrier too. Not only me but to those all who follows on your track, too manys to say ……….I believe if i have got a chance to come up to be a businessman in my live again, i will definately do something for you. Why i have to say this because, in this world there could be hardly we can see anyone who is willing to share their education nor wealth but sir you have proven. Well i’m really glad to view your message because i feel that my skills and knowledge is growing. Have a nice day.

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Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials- Part 32

good day to you Mr. Jestine.thanks a lot for the june repair newsletter.by the way my daughter gave me her old laptop,an LG(IBM) which has some problem and she cannot use that is why she gave it to me to fix what problem it may have.luckily i got an original OS of winxp from one of my friends and i formatted it totally to get rid of the virus in which some of my flash drive that i used was also damaged when i used this laptop before i decided to reformat.

to make the story short,it works well but after few weeks the said laptop becomes intermittent.when i press the middle part of motherboard,screen display will be ok,once i depress screen will be black.i tried also using external monitor to see if the monitor is at fault but also no display on the external monitor so i assume the problem is in the MOBO.

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Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials- Part 31


sir, when power on the monitor screen show blue with retrace line but next time power on the display is white with retrace line (this is IBM CRT 14”monitor model no – 6540 – 02e) and horizontal out put transistor(C5802) is very hot. how i solve this out put hot problem  and retrace line ?

Hi Nihar,

retrace line are due to excessive  g2 voltage or G1 voltage is too low. Sometimes a weak screen also can produce retrace lines. Before that you must check why the HOT is so hot. Could it be the B+ voltage is too high or the signal pulse to base of HOT is abnormal or if the flyback itself have problem?

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Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials-Part 30

Hi Jestine , Thankyou for the info on the dvd video machine , i checked the power suply and found the 5 volt line to one of the chips rather low due to a resister loosing value in other words it was open circuit causing a loss of voltage to one of the chips also on checking the tape mechanism i fount that one of the cogs were out of line , Thanks once again .


Goodday. Jestine can I replace a resistor 2. 2RJ 5w with a 5w 3K3J on a TV power supply.

2.2R means 2.2 ohm and you can’t replace with a 3.3 k ohm resistor . However you can replace with a 3.3 ohm resistor.


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