Electronics Repair FAQ & Testimonials- Part 29

can i  replace the diode (RL-205) with (RL-207)
because i our area  RL205 is not available and  RL207 has 1000 peak reverse voltage while RL-205 has 600 peak reverse coltage…..
please replay me

R.mohammed ali

Hi Mohammed,

If the ampere is the same yes you can replace it.


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Electronics Repair FAQ & Testimonials- Part 28


Jestine thanks for your reply. How can I check if the power supply is stable bcz I don’t have any oscilloscope meter,but I have a sanwa meter CX 506A where I can trace any defect in cap [ESR].I’ve already change all the cap in the ps.I’m sure that the ps is not ok but don’t know where is the culprit?
Thanks and regards…………..

Hi Bobby,

If you get the exact voltage from your meter and the needle did not move (constant) then you know you have a good and stable voltage.


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Electronics Repair FAQ & Testimonials-Part 26

Hi Jestine ,

Can i check with you ,  if i measure the VCC pin of the power ic UC3842 and i get the reading not constantly example 11.xx dcv jump to 14.xx dcv then go down to 12.xx dcv and then up again , normally which parts did i need to check . Thanks

HI Chong,

It can be the IC itself have problem, the supply vcc line e-cap ESR value have shoot up or even if there is components shorted in the secondary side preventing the ic to start up. I suggest that you check all secondary output diodes first and filer caps, then optoisolator ic then back to the power ic.  Sometimes corresponding components to the power ic also could have problem

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Electronics Repair FAQ And Testimonials- Part 25

Hi Jestine!

Good day!

Thanks a lot for your e-mail.

I’m so glad and happy to tell you that I have already repaired a number of electronic equipment with the help of your ebooks.
It’s not only profitable but the joy of self-achievement are wonderful.

Thanks again and I wish you and your family good health and more power to you on your career!

With my best regards,


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Electronics Repair FAQ And Testimonials- Part 24

HI Roland,

Good day Jestine,

Good day!

I would just like to inquire with regards to a burned varistor. I had a electronic control  board that has burned varistor and the part number was also

burned. Is there any way or technique that I can do to replace the burned varistor. i have measured the varistor and has a value of 27ohms which is i believe that is shorted and keeps on blowing the fuse.

Yes you are right by right it should not have any reading.

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