Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials-Part 23

Hi Gasant,

1)      Does the transformer supply the  Drain leg of Fet with power

The drain is just like a switch controlled by the gate and the supply is coming from the transformer.

2)      Does the Drain leg of the Fet make the run dc circuit.

Run dc ac signal source is from one of the output of the secondary winding in primary side. The primary winding have to be energized in order to get the ac signal source from the secondary winding.

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Electronics Repair Faq and Testimonials -Part 22

long time and happy new year, we are doing well in KENYA. i need help on this LCD monitor and i have seen this problem on Lcd Tv  eg  if I type the letter A on MS Word, there will be a shawdow A next to it.

HI Ibu,

Thanks and happy new year to you too. In your case if all the output voltages are good and stable then the problem is in the lcd panel.  Try reflow the lcd controller/t-con board and if still the same then you may need to replace the LCD panel.

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