Intermittent no sound in PC Speaker Repaired

how to fix and repair variable resistor in speaker

I got back this speaker for repair after a long time for the above stated symptom as it gets suddenly soundless (while power light is remain in ON state) no hissing sounds nothing.

speaker intermittent no sound

For further inspection I have opened the unit. On visual inspection everything seems ok. Read More

Win 8 Preloaded Laptop repaired for no media present error on booting

no media present in windows

Customer walked in to my workshop with Toshiba laptop stating the problem when he power on the Laptop instead of booting OS he is getting error on boot

››No Media Present……..

no media present

On inspection I found that this laptop is having win8 preloaded so first I have checked by pressing F8 on booting but it does not show any effect and giving same error as stated by the customer. That means the boot partition is corrupted because it is not giving the option of recovery. On doubt about this symptom I have to try it by recovery method using Bootable OS DVD.

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Electronics Repair FAQ and Testimonials- Part 27

hi jestine

thanks for  the reminders i have been to one or more of those sites get what i need and quite then later try finding the sites but all usually in vain,now jestine i have a sony ctv model 2197m3s that has all red colouring from raster to showing images i have checked the c2611 trnsistors and the corresponding resistors but they look ok so im staarting to doubt the tda8375a before i go further anyadvise would be most apreciared

HI James,

I suggest that you compare the Green and blue transistor at the CRT board for voltage and signal (waveform) with Red circuit. Any difference in voltage or the signal is the clue for you to start troubleshoot at that particular section.

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