Received China CRT TV for no Power Problem. Checked TV by connecting to the power it showing no indication of life. I.e. No power LED or no EHT.

So I have opened the TV for the troubleshooting. Visually checked the circuit from the component side no physical damage.

Now further I have started voltage testing.

crt tv universal kit 1

For no power first suspect is Primary side of the Power supply. So first I have checked power cord for continuity then fuse both was intact.

how to fix tv kit

Checked 230V AC Ok on Main power Wire Terminal.

Checked voltage on fuse OK.

Checked 340V DC on Main filter Capacitor OK.

Suddenly got the idea of tapping Process hence with help of the screwdriver handle started tapping under suspected area. (Just hold the screw driver reverse i.e. metal rod is in your hand and tapping with Plastic handle side on suspected area).

On tapping on power supply side I got EHT hissing sound and suddenly come up the power LED and TV Started. Hence I turned off the power and stared visual inspection for dry solder or cracked trace with help of Magnifier Glass.

how to repair china tv kit

Refreshed solder joint and powered the TV. TV Is Back to the life.

tv china kit

Note: While Testing the Voltages on circuit board check on both the places the trace where the component is soldered as well on lead of that component. Here I have checked the voltage only on trace hence it shows 340VDC on Main capacitor but Lead of the Capacitor is out of the contact with the solder of the trace hence power is not going to the further circuit.

This article was prepared for you by Yogesh Panchal who works as a Computer Hardware Engineer in Mumbai India.

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8 comments on “China Universal Kit CRT TV Kit No Power

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  2. suranag Electronics says:


    Good Job. and Common Fault.

  3. Parvez akhter says:

    Nice work. This is a Common fault of crt tv. But I done again a nice job sir.

  4. Manjeet Singh says:

    Good job

  5. Albert van Bemmelen says:

    Well diagnosed and good photos!

  6. Robert Calk says:

    Good job, Yogesh. That TV needs the dust vacuumed out badly.

  7. kph says:

    Thank you for using the term “dry” solder joint that or cold joint, even a better representation. Cultural differences I guess, I’m old old OLD school

  8. Richard says:

    Very systematic work

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