Hello Jestine,

i hope you are ok,

i would like to inform you that the tv i was repairing now it is working fine.
the problem was the jungle ic cxa 2159s which was causing the power supply not to start and showing two blinks error code.

i have ordered the ic through utsource.net i could not get it here in my country. after replacement of this ic the tv is working. your books are really good and you have given me very good troubleshooting technics that i did not know before.

i will give you my order for blue esr meter and ring tester soon!

thank you very much.

Safdar Khan.


thanks sir Jestine you are the best. i seek help with this now.

I have a tv which needs horizontal tt2190 but i have a tt2140. will this tt2140 work in the stead of tt2190.thanks cj

HI Corriete,

Sorry i do not have the spec of the HOT. You can try to run it and if it turn hot then do not use it. If it runs warm only then you can use it.



sir good day…ive already repaired my television

av-2793…ive checked the g2 voltage and it measured at the range of 300 volts something..and the horizontal output is also good,,,then i checked the heater from flyback and i found out  that it burn…the value of that resistor is 10 ohms…then i replaced it with a new one then when i turn on my t.v it turns to has dislay..thats all sir..thank u very much…godbless



Thanx jestine . Sorry not tohave written to u 4 so long. Here i have a
problem. Chines 14 in tv doesn’t open vertical. Replaced la78040 and
jungle ic and no change. I also replaced all cap around the ic and no
success. Again changed v deflection and no ch

HI Steve,

No problem. What is the supply voltage to the vertical ic? Make sure there is a vertical output signal from the jungle ic to the vertical ic.



Hi justine,

I have a problem with LG 29″  TV. The power supply is ok and all the voltages are coming out according to is marked on the chassis. When switched on, it is oscillating but for just some seconds then it goes back to standby. The RBG voltage from the line out put is shuting . The RBG voltage is surposed to be 200V ( as indicated on the Chassis) but its pruducing 72  volts when mearsured .

I would like to find out the components to check to troubleshoot on the above fault.

HI Joseph,

If the tv have shutdown the voltage at the CRT will be lowered. In your case you may need to check the CPU and make sure it is receiving good voltage and the crystal have sine wave. If you have a coolant or freezer, you could spray on the CPU and see if it will take longer to shutdown.If it take longer time to shutdown then the CPU ic have problem.



HI Mukthar,

Hi sir, i have a problem in repairing a sony trinitron color tv, model no Kv-x217u, i have loss the B+ voltage of 135v i get only 63v up to the playback transformer pin. I have replace capasitor that are on that line but still the voltage is 63v, sir i want you to put me on the way on how to solve this problem.

Is all the other voltages good or just the B+ voltage have problem? If all the voltages also low then suspect problem in the power supply side.

Secondly, sir its true that if television affected by thunder it will not be repair?. Thanks for your concernt.

Depends on how severe is the lightning strike. If the lightning is too great and too many components burnt then it is not worth to repair.



HI Niten,

Im repairing a Philips 29 inch Tv ,the model number is (29pt3223/69R),the
initial fault of the Tv was no power, i have manage to fix the power problem by
changing the FBT but the problem now iam facing is that the Tv switches on and
shows raster signal but with in seconds the screen goes off again.The initial
+B voltage when the tv switches on is 114v but when the screen switches off it
increases to 128v.

Please it will be very helpful if you can advise for some possible solutions

Did you replace with the same flyback? Try follow the link below to isolate the problem:



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