Hi Jestine,

I’m working on a European LCD TV which had a completely burnt SMPS.

I have found the SMPS in the US, but am wondering if I can use it in my TV (i.e. 115V in US vs. 230V in EU).

Many thanks for your support.

Best regards,


HI Selim,

You can’t use it unless you need to do some modification which is also not guarantee that it will work. You may need a step down transformer to power up the US smps.



Hi jestine
I hav a dell m570 crt screen n when i turn it on the relay ticks n turns of.
Please sir can u advice me just now about what is to be done because iam really stuck with my work.


HI Ashwin,

I suggest that you isolate the problem using the link below:






HI Jorge,

I write again because now that I have finished my degree (Chemistry),

However I have bought 2 ebooks from you which I paid with paypal. These are Testing Electronics and LCD Repair.

Thanks for the support!

I want to concentrate only on LCD Monitor and LCD TV. for the most part. I hope to be ready when CRT which is still popular in my country is phased out for the LCD TV.  I need help Sir with 2 questions if you have the time.


1. Is LCD Monitor and LCD TV very different and should I only concentrate on 1 of them.

Not much different except that it is larger, more backlight and have more inputs. Recently i opened up regza toshiba 24″ tv and found that the internal boards is just like a normal lcd monitor. Contains of one power/inverter board and one mainboard and a lcd panel.

3. I had bought a Blue Ring Tester from Ana Tech which I paid with paypal and only used it once out of circuit on a SMPS Transformer and when I tried to use it again it did not work. Can this be repaired Sir? What can I do? I must have removed the first 2 red leds but maybe I can find a type to replace it. Please see pictures attached. Your advise if possible.
First check the battery. Next replace the IC. The ICs is quite easy to get from the market.



thanks for the articles

I like to get one of the ccfl do you sell them or make them

What is the voltage you need to test them?



HI Ben,

Try this link:


It should be about 400 to 1000vac when measure at the backlight connector when power is on.



Respected Sir,

I have DVD Player connection with speakers. When I on DVD Player, the speaker is not sounding. But after  shaking connection cable of Speaker, sound hearing. It’s cable problem or anything else?

Thanks & Regards,

HI Vijay,

Yes could be the cable problem. Please make sure no dry joints in the cable connection especially the bottom part of the connector.



Hi Jestine,

I ordered your E-Book and also down loaded all the extras and am in the process of reading it over and over again. I am 65 years old and soon to retire but was laid off from my job because of economic difficulties we are having here in the US. I am doing some repair on power inverter which  we are using on our solar power system. While I had some background on electronics when I was in school but I never bother to do repair such as this and that was a long long time ago that I almost forgotten everything. I have a couple of 5KW power inverter which I got from Ebay but is broken and I intend to make it operational hopefully. I guess I have to have those meters for electronic testing and do some practice on component testing.

With the help of your book may be I can fix this but perhaps will take sometime.

Thank You for helping a beginner like me.

Mr R

HI Mr R,

Nice to know you and thanks for the support on my ebook. Personally i have not repair those power inverter before but if it use electronics components then chances is high it can be repaired. If you are not sure about this power inverter, i suggest that the first few rounds you check all the components in it to make yourself familiar. If all the components check to be good then suspect the inverter IC. Replace the inverter ic and retest. I have repaired lots of lcd monitor inverter board but not the power inverter. No chance for me to be exposed in this kind of repair since my company is dealing with repairing computer related product. If you have other question please do email me again.



hie jestine

currently i am working on a DIGI SM25 scale power supply that blows the fuse black

now i am tempted to think its the rectifer junction

i got a part that is labled p6e220ca and on the circuit its marked zd1

this part reads a short on my metter on diode testing and it doesnt have polarity

how can i test this part someone told me its a transient voltage suppressor

and thank you for the monthly news letter


HI Henry,

Yes it is a transient voltage suppressor and the function is quite similar to Varistor except that it can’t handle large current like Varistor. If I’m not mistaken it should have no reading either way just like when you test on varistor. Since you found it short circuit then i guess you need to buy one and test it out before install on the circuit board.


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