HI Richard,

Please help me identify a certain ceramic capacitor. The capacitor is blue color and It has markings from top to bottom as following:


It was one of 4 ceramic ballast capacitors that powers up the backlights out my Hannspree 25″ LCD Monitor that’s on the inverter board just after the transformers. I know the 3KV means 3 kilovots =3000 volts. I just don’t know what N10 and SEC mean. I ‘ve looked on all 4 capacitors and have not found any other markings. I need to know the capacitance so I can replace with one that has the same picofarads and voltage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is a 10pico farad 3000 volt capacitor.



greetings to you my friend. I hope this message finds you well.
thanks for your help on the repair of the lcd screen. you were right, the MCU is the problem. found one in the shop and replaced it. it worked fine.



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I’m fine thank you.

i am fixing a samsung lcd monitor now. the screen is black. when i turn on the monitor, i see the green light. i check the secondary voltages, they are 13v and 13v, very stable.i check the on-off voltage on the power connector, it shows 2.88v. is 2.88v little low? on the connector, 3.3v is printed  on the board. i check the voltage regulator on the main board, it shows 3.3v. there is no pico fuse on the inverter board side, so i check the vcc pin of the  inverter ic directly, it shows no voltage. according to your ebook, the vcc pin should show 12v to 16v. can you tell me what should i check next? thank you for your advice. have a good day.

No supply voltage to the inverter ic is the problem. You need to trace it backward to see at where the voltage had gone missing. The inverter IC has to have supply voltage. Please update me on the status.



Dear Mr. Yong

I would like to temporarily bypass the Backlight circuit for the Dell E173Fpb LCD monitor. Can you please tell me how to do it ? The four inverter driver transistors are good but one CCFL is slightly turned black. I want to bypass protection for short time to see which CCFL are not good.



HI Ravendra,

I suggest that you read this article:




Dear Sir,

My LG Flatron L192WS LCD monitor shows dim display after some time ( 1-2 Hrs ) and  again

it works fine when I switched it OFF & then ON.

Please help me to solve the problem

Thanks & Regards

Hi Guru,

If there is no dry joints in the high voltage transformer and the supply voltages from the smps are good then suspect one of the backlight have problem. Some backlight could have intermittent problem and this will cause a shutdown.



Dear Jestine Yong,

thank you for your ebook. I have a problem with the LG LCD. I check the power supply is normal, but the LCD does not come out picture. indication lights red. how to check the inverter and the lcd panel?
Yours sincerely

HI Martono,

Red power light could indicate the MCU in the mainboard have problem. Make sure the voltage enter the MCU is good and the crystal have sinewave. If you would like to check the inverter then first you need to check if there is any supply voltage to the inverter ic. In your case, i doubt that there will be any supply voltage to the inverter ic.



Hello! Hw r u kindly help.I have a problem with my LG21″LCD every
thing is ok except no pictures only horizontal lines what could be de

HI Nicholas,

One horizontal line could be due to bad lcd panel. Before that make sure the output voltages from the power supply are good and stable and the cable between the mainboard and the lcd panel is intact.


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