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Thanks for your great articles!

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I try to repair a power / inverter DS-1107A From Benq FP731.
In my case I found the 4 transistors sc5707 testing good.
But Q 743 shorted and PF751 broken, and Caps 707 and 709 bulged.
No visable bad solderings.

Q743 reads D10PF06 / 30F351, but what is the real type of this part?
I googled, but I am not sure it is really a P ch Mosfet, equiv to STD10PF06, which is a
smd mosfet.  I need a normal model like the 4 transistors 2sc5707.
Can you please tell me what to order for this Q743/Q751?
And where are these available?

If you could help me with this I would be very very obliged.

The other parts I can order as a kit  I have seen.

Yes it is a P channel FET. It is D10PF06 or STD10PF06


You can buy other parts from this website too.



Hi Justine,

I download your free lcd repair manual with the sample to fix an Acer monitor(with no display after a few second).
I have an Acer x223w monitor and the display shutdown after a few second.
I looked the capacitor(nothing is burned), i check the voltage is ok(+14v and +5v)
I don’t known how to resolve the problem.



HI Pierre,

It can be one of the backlight have problem. You may need to use a backlight testes to test it or compare with a known good lamp.



HI Peter,

I trust you are well. I am 59 yrs old .My name is Peter and I reside in Cape town ,the place where the soccer world

Cup was held.

Nice to know you and i love the world cup!

Firstly, I want to thank you for an excellent electronic publication. I can see you are an expert in

The field of electronic repairs. I appreciate you for empowering the rest of the world with your professional advice.

You are welcome!

I actually enjoy electronics and do it as  a hobby.  The reason for my email is the following:

I am also a musician and have a Yamaha PSR 900 keyboard.  Last year the power supply and the LCD screen

Both ceased to work and up to now I  have not fixed the LCD Screen. The Power supply I could substitute.

But LCD appears to be dead. I had a look at it and don’t know if this is repairable. Do have any advice?

Will your book solve this problem?

You need to make sure that the ic that drive the LCD must have supply voltage. Please see the example below although it is not the actual lcd like your type:


If there is supply voltage then you may need to replace the drive ic. If the problem still the same then the lcd panel need replacement.



HI Jeetun,

I have been reading all your mails sent to me for over a year. A million thanks for that.

You are welcome!

I hold a diploma in PC Repairs and I am very at ease in repairing PCs. However, I know very little about circuits in electronic parts. I have never followed a course in Electronics.Very often I come through persons having problems with their LCD monitors. I have gone through the web site www.LCD-Monitor-Repair.com and want to buy the book but I am not so sure that I shall be able to manage by myself just by reading that book. I need your comments and suggestions. Thank you once more.

I suggest that you get the
Testing Electronic Components ebook first because once you know how to test electronic components you can actually start the repair work. With the help of the LCD Monitor repair ebook it will make the troubleshooting much easier.

If you have other question please do email me again.


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