A fellow Satellite technician approached me with a question about an LCD screen that he uses in his shop as security camera display. He mentioned something about an LCD screen that went into shut down and could not see any display on it.

lcd monitor repair

The moment I powered the LCD on, I could see the stand by light coming on and steady.

standby lcd monitor

That is on indication of an alive LCD screen but something wrong with its display.

My main concern was the main board or the LCD screen or back light not coming on.

no power in lcd monitor

I unplugged the back lights and continue with opening up the LCD screen

how to open lcd monitor

It looked fine on the inside. And my indication that another technician was trying to repair this LCD, what was my first clue?

how to fix lcd monitor

 The ground screw was loose inside. This screw does not fall off board on its own.

lcd monitor circuit board

It looks very clean which to confirm my fear that it was either a main board issue or an LCD issue. I tested the power going into the main capacitor and it I got the right voltages

fluke 112 multimeter

I checked the 12 volts and the 5 volts output, both were there. I got an idea to unplug the whole screen and try another one that I have in the shop.

It was a lucky guess because the moment I plugged the used display that I have in the shop, look what I got.

on screen display

I was so happy to see the screen comes back to life. I called the customer and informed him about my findings; he was happy as well. I put everything back together and connected it to my laptop.

As you can see, it is alive and displaying nice photo of me (a photo that was taken of me by my six years old son). Mission accomplished.


This article was prepared for you by Waleed Rishmawi, one of our ‘Master Authors’ and currently working in the Bethlehem area of Palestine repairing electrical and electronic equipment.

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4 comments on “LCD screen with bad display panel. Model: Samsung LS20MEHSF/ILC

  1. goldy says:

    U may check for the bad ccfl tubes in the panel

  2. Albert van Bemmelen says:

    Sorry, It is still unclear what was defect, replaced or fixed?

  3. Neto says:

    This report is incomplete: what defect did you fix?

  4. Henrique Jorge Guimarães Ulbeich says:

    Which screen remained in the set: your screen or ordered a new one?

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