Thanks for the reply. Well i will give up on the board and instead i will use the good components for future repair.
Now talking about future repair, i am very disappointed as these days there is monopoly in design of electronics. The components used are very difficult to find.

Now as mentioned above, i have a great platform to repair and share the experience with jestineyong.com.
After i gave up on the printer power supply, i then looked into a ATX, i opened it up and as usual, i went with visual inspection. No bulged e-caps, but the fuse was blown, thus i checked the chopper transistors, biasing fusible resistors, MOV, Bridge and i tell you all were short, remaining things checked good, like secondary side rectifiers and caps. Now i don’t believe in the philosophy of replacing the controller IC if chopper set is short. 

Now then there was pair of 13007 transistors dead short with zero ohms! I called the local part store, they said sorry, the indian online  components store said sorry, and thus left me feel sorry!! Being an electronics engineer, i can use the parameters of the component and find an alternative, but having said that, there is no guarantee to find the replacement part!  
I guess, companies and manufacturers are killing the room for repair!! 
-S. C
Hi S.C,If the equipment is cheap and no parts can be found then do not repair it unless you try to repair it to gain experience or as hobby. MJE13007 Transistor is already in the market for more than 20 years and most electronics shops should have this parts. Usually when this transistor is shorted there will be some other components that will give way also. This means you have to check the corresponding components especially the ressitors. If you can’t find the parts locally you may have to order it online at www.aliexpress.comJestine


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