Hi! Mr Jestine Yong.

Thank you Mr Jestine Yong for your kindness and patience to ensure that I can repair my Panasonic fan. You really save alot of my RM in my pocket if I can repair my two fans. Today, I brought one of the two PCBAs to office and check the big black Capacitors (3x) and the small Mylar Capacitors (2x).
I found that the 3 big black Caps were o.k and the 2 small Mylar Caps had very low Capacitance. The picture of the Caps and PCBA are in the attachment below:

panasonic remote control fan repair

My fans were fixed with different PCBAs from those in your website.http://www.jestineyong.com/panasonic-ceiling-fan-repair/.
I think the function should be the same. I will buy and replace the 2 Mylar Caps next week and as soon as I fix back the fan and if I got it right, I will email to you to tell you the good news of my fan condition. I hope after all your guidance for my repaired fan will work like what you described ….like a charm. It means you have helped all of us who have PANASONIC FAN REMOTE CONTROL problem all the Ringgit in our pockets. I will save RM500++. Components cost less than RM10.

Once again, thank you very much.

Have a nice and pleasant day.

Best Regards,

After got the parts few days later, this is the email that I’d received:

Hi! Mr Jestine Yong,   
Hooray!! Mr Jestine Yong I installed the fan this evening and I was so happy and quickly took photo when it started to spin smoothly, as I followed what you have taught me. 
When I bought the 2 pcs of Capacitors, the shop owner (Uncle) asked me to buy the whole PCBA, and when I told him these two Caps will sure make my fan work like new fan,  he told me this “we cannot cari makan already”, (instead of me paying RM105 for the PCBA, I paid RM5 + 6%GST..Total : RM5.30) and my “NEW” fan is now named after JY or I named it “JY Brand”
Since I can only buy the components on weekend, I will repair the other fan next week.
Thank you so much for your kindness.
Best Regards,


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