Hi Jestine,

I saw this tv advertised cheap in local website not working as the person said they

were watching it one night when it gave “pop” sound and it stopped working. No

red standby light at all.

It is approximately 7 years old so I thought I will buy it as possibly it is fault with SMPS

an it can be saved. When I opened and inspected visually for faults, I saw IC 7905 exposed

with no covering. I began to test the surrounding components for faults also and R7914 was

also open circuit.

I also heard some “rattling” sound whenever I moved the SMPS around and when I traced

the sound it was coming from the main 450v filter capacitors. When I looked there I could

not believe what I saw…..the body of a small dead lizard approximately one inch long !

It was under the shielding next to the capacitors…..Incredible !

How this got inside the tv is a big mystery !…..I have replaced the faulty IC which I ordered

from eBay and also replaced the resistor and the tv is now back to life…….

I did not take picture of the damaged components but have provided a web link here

showing the exact same SMPS as the one I dealt with. Just thought I let you know

Jestine how your knowledge from your books lets me know how to test components

correctly and minimise the costs I need to spend to repair !

Thanks again Jestine for sharing your knowledge with us less gifted in this subject !

Here is the link,



Best Regards



Jestine Yong works as an Electronics Repair Lecturer in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and his training website is http://www.NoahtechElectronicsTraining.com. You can check out his repair blog at http://www.JestineYong.com