New Elditest High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes

high voltage probes

Recently Cal Test Electronics introduced a new line of Elditest brand High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes. The line includes the following models:

  • CT2982B
  • CT4024
  • CT4025
  • CT4026
  • CT4028

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About IC Programmer In the Market

For the past weeks I’d been receiving a common question about IC programmer. The question was which one is the best and which programmer can be used to program my ICs? Actually there is no best programer in the market because programmers coming out to the market every now and then with better features and etc. Ok here is the answer for those who wanted to buy a programmer:

1) Make sure that programmer could support the IC part number that you want to program. Most of the programmer website will list out the IC part numbers. If the programmer could program many types of ICs( MCU, PIC, EEPROM, FLASH ROM and etc) then it will be good

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