Sir Jestine,

I am an electronic technician here in the Philippines working on TV, LCD and other

electronic devices. Honestly I am not that expert yet, but I very glad you are sending

some electronics repair experiences here. It helps me get some idea to improve my

repairing skills.

Recently I have troubleshoot a HYUNDAI TV 32′  model HY-29TM9, unfortunately

I was not able to repair it. The trouble is Horizontal pincusion. I already replace most parts

in the HOT section but still didnt solve.

If you can give me some idea what particular component is faulty it could really help me.

I am thinking of trying the service mode  by reprogamming the MEMORY EEPROM, will this help?






Hi Mannaseh,

A bad eeprom can cause pincushion problem. Since you mentioned you have checked everything in HOT section this could mean the eeprom could be the problem. But then again you have to check if the pincushion transistor base have any signal going in or not. If no signal you have to trace backward to see if there is any resistor that had gone open circuit.



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