Dear sir,
One of the LCD ViewSonic VA1931WA-2, complaint was it went off after 3 to 5 minutes. I connected the VGA cable and power on, Viewsonic logo appeared but after 5 minutes power went off. The power LED also went off. I pressed the power switch but i didn’t work, I switched off the main power and connect again display will come, but after 3 to 4 minutes power went off again.

I opened the LCD monitor and there were no bulged capacitor, all voltages seems to be good. May I know what is the cause of the problem?


Hi J,

If the power went off after few minutes, it is either

1) dry joints in the power side
2) bad e-caps or
3) bad power IC

I have seen power IC causing this problem. When I sprayed the power IC using coolant/freezer the power no longer shutdown. So I know is the power IC fault. Once I have replaced the power IC, it came back to life again and no longer shutdown. This means you check for dry joints and bad e-caps and if you did not find any problem then direct replace the power IC and retest.



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  1. eyitemi says:

    good day sir,i have been viewing your article for month now and i want to gladly say say that your article has been of great help to me in the area of DVD and other electronics equipment but in the erea of crtv and plasma-lcd tv the whole things look quite complicated and difficult.Maybe because i have not been able to purchase a single of your ebook on troubleshooting and repair tip.maybe we here in nigeria are not one of the country list to purchase your kind and easy step by step ebook or what do u have to say? i need your reply

    1. admin says:

      Hi Eyitemi,

      You can set up a free account using your credit card. Once done you can buy ebooks and other things online.


  2. eyitemi says:

    my 29″crtv takes up to 15-20 minute to display on screen when power is switch on.please sir what could be the fault sir?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Eyitemi,

      It can be due to weak PC tube, low G2 voltage or low heater voltage.


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