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If you have ever considered Electronics repair as a hobby or a profession you will find this website to be of great help. My aim in creating this website is to save you time by providing the compilation of electronics repair questions and answers posted by my members and eBook buyers. The reason I share those email conversations is because I don’t want those good repairing information to be deleted and deleting it will not help someone that want to learn electronics repair.

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From time to time I will update or post those questions and answers or problems and solutions in this blog link so feel free to check it out and read as much as you can. I’m sure you will find my electronics repair experiences, tips, tricks, guide & recommendations as well as from the members that will boost your repair knowledge. Therefore, whether you are interested in LCD/Plasma TV, LCD Monitor, Laptop, CRT TV/Monitor, Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) or any other electronic equipment, you should find something of interest and useful here.

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My sincere hope is that this resource will help you to be able to tackle electronic problems as quickly and painlessly as possible. Feel free to browse around this site and absorb as many electronics repair tips as you could from the answers provided. After all, electronic repair and troubleshooting should be fun. Thanks for visiting!

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