Hi Jestine, I read your book and it is fantastic. I really enjoyed reading
it. It has shown me some new insight in testing electronic equipment. I have
a Analogue meter just like the one in your book and I never really used it
before. I always thought that the Digital meter was the best for testing,
but you show me how useful the Analogue meter is. Thank you
Regards, Andre


Hi Jestine

Many thanks for your help with the SMPS problem I was having.  I have managed to get to the bottom of it now.  I was wrong about the heating of the FET, and I have found that a relay (used to pass current during normal running, after a thermistor was used during start-up) and the circuit associated with that was at fault.  The power supply is now working.  I have also managed to repair a second machine, which also had a SMPS in it, using the same skills learned from your book, so thanks!

Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.  I will continue to read your blog and website with interest.



Hello Mr.yong,
My name is Bholanath Adhikary,I am a technician,having own service
centre at Bagdah,north24parganas,West Bengal,INDIA.I have been
searching for LCD monitor service ideas for a while.I have seen your
newsletter of LCD service e-book,immediately.I decide to buy it. I
have nead it;I am fully SATISFIED with the amount.I spend to buy the
LCD repair e-book.
Thanks a lot for your hard work and dedication.


Hi Mr. Yong,
How do you do? I hope everything is very well with you and your blessed familly.
I would like to take the oportunity to congratulate you for the very good quality
books I purchased from your site. Thank you very much, I wish you more success.
My regards,


HI Jestine
How are you ,i want to say thanks for your Books i got all the books and i have gone through  all .i am starting the second round i am so impressed .

Thanks for everything,




Hi Jestine,

I have successfully downloaded the LCD repair e-book and WOW!!!!!!!! that was amazing.

Best regards,
Georges Daoud


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