No Power In LG TV Repaired

dry joint

lg crt tv repair

The complaint of this LG CRT TV was no power and as usual the first thing to do is to check on the main fuse. Before I could access to the main fuse, I found that the circuit board was full of dust thus I cleared all dust first by using a vacuum cleaner before checking on the main fuse.

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China Universal Kit CRT TV Kit No Power

crt tv universal kit FIX

Received China CRT TV for no Power Problem. Checked TV by connecting to the power it showing no indication of life. I.e. No power LED or no EHT.

So I have opened the TV for the troubleshooting. Visually checked the circuit from the component side no physical damage.

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Retrace Line and Red Background in TV Repaired

red display in crt tv

On call from one of my friends about his TV which works intermittent. symptom he stated as audio is ok but sometimes all of sudden picture disappears and screen become red with some horizontal lines.

retrace line and red background in crt tv

It was Sunday so I have made plan to visit his home as he is staying in same building. Read More

1554 Ohm In Speaker Caused Low Sound Problem In TV

how to repair no sound in tv

I have got a call from my friend about problem of low sound from the TV. This is the same TV which I have repaired few days a back for excessive purple color on the screen.

So I have visited his home for troubleshooting the TV for low sound problem. I have turned on the TV & checked sound level form TV itself and from the set top Box, sound level is ok. Then i have found only one side speaker is producing sound and another side it gives very low sound.

I have checked again the setting of the TV and set top box for volume level for L & R audio channel but on variation it did not give positive result. Read More

About CRT Deflection Yoke Coils

Some days ago my Samsung 21″ CRT Flat televisions Deflection Yoke Coil were burnt. I already replaced it(near by same type but not same) but the horizontal alignment of picture is not straight it looks some curve. Can you help to solve this problem.
Reply :
It is very difficult to adjust the CRT Deflection Yoke alignment once it is removed because all the alignment were done in factory by using machine. Furthermore you have used the deflection of not the same spec. This means you may have to take extra time to play around with the adjustment till you get the best picture. The yoke coil alignment is very sensitive and a slight adjustment will cause the focus out and mis-convergence.

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